3 Simple Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

3 Simple Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

Our Pittsburgh clahdy weather can make us feel extra gloomy and sluggish. Most of us probably feel a difference in our energy on those days. Here are some ideas to bring spring energy in your home for those gray days. 

1. Get creative with your morning coffee.

Warm weather cues all the iced beverages, smoothies, frappuccinos…etc. With limited time outside of our homes, stopping by our favorite local coffee shop might not be an option. So instead, buy a coffee bag from them (here are some of our favorite local coffees) and look up a recipe you’d like to try.

Even a simple blend of espresso, milk, sugar, and ice can feel like a treat and an energy boost just from putting in more effort and intention with what is normally a mundane morning routine.

2. Buy fresh flowers or have potted plants nearby.

Don’t underestimate the power of fresh-cut flowers or potted plants in the home. Some studies show that houseplants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and boost your mood. Seeing nature, including our little houseplants, helps us feel more relaxed and calm. Perfect for those of us who now have our homes as workplaces!

If you don’t already, make sure to have some flowers or greenery in your workspace area and take a few minutes every so often to appreciate them using your senses. Check out another Mt. Washington local business that delivers bouquets of flowers to your front door, Armful of Flowers.

3. Move your body.

This may be the last thing you want to do on a gray day, but it’s an important one to force yourself to do. You may have heard phrases such as “movement is medicine” or “motion is lotion,” but all with good reason and science to back it up. A simple google search will lead you to many studies about how physical exercise reduces anxiety and depression, boosts mood, stimulates the immune system, and improves sleep.

Here are a couple of mini-goals to help you get started. If you sit for the majority of the day due to your job, walk around for 5 minutes every hour. Try stretching, yoga, or a walk around the neighborhood in small doses (5-15 minutes) and gradually build on your time.

I've been taking walks with my sister around Mt. Washington and it's our favorite part of the day. Looking for a local gym offering at-home training? Join our downtown neighbors, Altus. Little wins like these lead to bigger physical and mental health wins over time. We got this!


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