Shop-side View of the Gallery Crawl

Shop-side View of the Gallery Crawl

The Gallery Crawl holds a special place in my heart.  It was perfectly timed to be the soft opening of the downtown store.  Ever since, I look forward to the eclectic mix of art lovers it brings each time it comes along.  Here's my shop-owner perspective of the wonders of the crawl.


Gallery Crawl at love, Pittsburgh shop


We're watching you!! :)  The gallery crawl is a celebration of art, and we love seeing its attendees add to the visual feast.  Seeing your most creative looks inspires us.  The crawl is a wonderful reminder to be yourself and to appreciate everyone's unique perspective on fashion and self expression.


Art prints by Yesterday's Clouds


We are so thankful that we have been able to showcase artists from Pittsburgh year round, and especially at the Gallery Crawl.  At each crawl we feature a different artist whose works are available for purchase.  It's an accessible way to build your art collection and simultaneously support local.

Don't miss this crawl's feature, Yesterday's Clouds.  These cloud prints are mesmerizing and meditative, and remind us of impermanence and beauty.  


Art prints


For the crawl, we always have tunes bumping in the shop courtesy of DJ Donomite.  Mixes of dub, soul, and hip-hop are frequently on rotation.  We also love taking a pause to pop our heads into the theater in the Trust Arts Education Center to hear what is playing next door. 


Shoppers at the Gallery Crawl Pittsburgh


Kelly and I have been manning the shop for every Gallery Crawl since we opened.  This event is a sacred meet up for us, a chance to soak in the pleasure we find in running love, Pittsburgh.  We are truly lucky to own a store in the heart of the Cultural District and to be a part of the magic of the crawl.  We hope to see you there!

 Learn more about Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's Gallery Crawl here!

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