September One Of A Kind: Fun And Games

September One Of A Kind: Fun And Games


Who doesn't need a little extra fun these days? We are bringing games to you in so many ways this month. From our own BINGO card for you to play, to the Shopopoly event with Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership September 12, we have all sorts of good times lined up for September.

Our One Of A Kind assortment for September includes some vintage fun, from old school View-Finders to decks of playing cards. Sometimes you just need to feel like a kid again, or share some tricks from your childhood with the young ones in your life.

Even the upcycled fabric notebooks from toomanysparkles get in on the fun, with Bingo prints, polka dots and numbers. Act fast, because there are just a few notebooks that literally say "fun" right on them!

We hope to see you having some childhood fun this month. And good luck playing our BINGO card, with the chance to win a year of Pittsburgh!


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