Seasonal Limited Edition

Seasonal Limited Edition

A couple of new Valentine's specials are hitting our shops this week! Just in time for the season of love, these items are only available in-store and for a limited time. Get your hands on one of these unique ways to tell someone you love them before they are gone! 

Valentine Heart Cookies

Made by our very own dream teamer, Sam, these delicious heart-shaped sugar cookies topped with icing are an adorable way to show affection to a loved one. For your sweet-toothed Pittsburgher, the cookies read "love yinz," "my jagoff," "hugs n'at," and more! Choose your favorite phrase in-store. 

Dried Flowers

In partnership with our neighbors in the Strip, Roxanne's Dried Flowers, we are releasing a collection of Baby Bouquet Gift Toppers. These mini bundles of dried flowers will complete your gift with a dainty, delicate touch. Flowers can then be placed in a bud vase to live inside your home for months!
Along with the Baby Bouquets, we are carrying Forever Bouquets. These grander and fuller bundles of dried flowers with bursts of color will last in your home *forever*. Your loved one will adore these flowers day-in and day-out without worrying about a mess from a typical bouquet. 
These items are available in-store only for a limited time. Visit us at our Mount Washington, Downtown, or Strip District location to claim yours!
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