reflections and intentions

reflections and intentions

Here at love, Pittsburgh, we are huge fans of notebooks and journals. Digital is great and convenient, but there is something so satisfying about opening up a notebook, finding a blank page, and jotting down thoughts, lists, sketches, dreams, and more. 


Another interesting year, 2021. Like 2020, the twelve months were full of highs and lows, and recording it all helps gain perspective. The "rose, thorn, and bud" activity offers fresh perspectives:

Rose = A highlight, success, small win, or something positive that happened.

Thorn = A challenge you experienced.

Bud = New ideas that have blossomed or something you are looking forward to knowing more about or experiencing.

Seeing it all written helps formulate a response to the past events, and create a source of inspiration. Take it one step further by determining how to turn a bud into a rose.


After looking back, it's a joy to look forward. Setting intentions through gratitude, visualization, and the permanence of written word help ground goal setting.  It feels purposeful to start each day with an intention. It's expected for goals to change shape and evolve, and having a written record supports reflection time.


Do you need a little nudge to kickstart your writing? 
Journal Prompts Examples
  • What brings you joy?
  • Describe a place where you felt happiest.
  • What was your greatest fear, and how did you conquer it?
  • Write a letter to someone that you always want to thank but have never had the chance to do so.
  • What is something that you would like to change about yourself?

pen or pencil?

How do you prefer to record your thoughts? 


We would love to hear how you journal. Please share your experiences and tips.

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