Reflecting on this summer as a love, Pittsburgh Intern by Nicole

Reflecting on this summer as a love, Pittsburgh Intern by Nicole

This summer went by too fast. It is hard to believe that my first ever internship has come to an end. I am forever grateful to Kelly and Monica for providing me with the opportunity to grow this summer. I was able to learn about what direction I would like to take for a career. With only a few weeks left before I start my senior year, I now feel more confident in what my interests are thanks to love, Pittsburgh. 

The Beginning

I was beyond excited to start the summer as an intern for love, Pittsburgh because I was given the freedom to work on projects that I was interested in. I loved being able to pick from a variety of projects because I wanted to see what part of merchandising interested me most. I started working on product development projects, as well as trend reports and blog posts. It is interesting to look back at my beginning projects and to see how they have branched out to completely different projects. 


I was able to do a variety of projects that I really enjoyed. My first project was to analyze competitive businesses that are similar to love, Pittsburgh. I also began to work on a Day in the Life of a love, Pittsburgh Intern for a blog post, TikTok, and an Instagram post.

I got to write many blogs that interested me and work on researching vendor displays to help with the Holiday Market Chalet. I also researched trend reports for window displays and created QR codes that can be used in the windows. 

Using the trend reports enabled me to start a sewing project using a patchwork design. I sewed some samples of products with the fabric that Kelly had thrifted for displays.

Overall, I was able to work on many different projects that interested me throughout the summer. 

Moving Forward

I will always be grateful for the time that I spent with love, Pittsburgh. Kelly and Monica gave me the opportunity to achieve personal goals and encouraged me to branch out and gain creative experience during this internship. I was also able to learn about the ins and outs of what it takes to run love, Pittsburgh, as well as all the hard work that goes along with it.


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