Rainbow Care Package

Rainbow Care Package

I've been sewing facemasks for my friends and family lately.  One of my friends, Lee, lives in Brooklyn and requested a rainbow one.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any rainbow fabric, so I sent him a rainbow care package instead!

Rainbow Care Package

We have a few fun rainbows to brighten up anyone's day.  I sent Lee the Pittsburgh Cloud sticker with the rainbow-colored Pittsburgh text.  I included a blank Inclined Card and Pittsburgh Rainbow postcard so he can share some rainbows with others.


Rainbow Bomb Card

There's no shortage of fun that I have when I'm with Lee, but since he's living far away now I thought I'd send a fun surprise in his card.  I filled a handmade card I'd made with rainbow burst sequins and sealed it up with a cute sticker from the Mini Cats sticker pack.

Cute send-off

I gathered all of the goodies and masks, then everything was ready to send off to Brooklyn!

Do you want to send a care package to brighten someone's day?  View our Rainbow collection for even more sunny ideas.


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