Postcard Paradise

Postcard Paradise

We are feeling so summery in the burgh, and have new postcards to match!  While our Subscription Box customers were the first to receive them, we are now launching this exclusive assortment of colorful cards that will transport you to a Pittsburgh paradise.

Pittsburgh Paradise Postcards

Paradise Postcards

I recently made this collection of postcards because I wanted Pittsburgh to feel like a fantastical place full of mind bending electric color and lush plants and flowers.  The sky is orange, the river is a tropical sea, and butterflies and fireworks are enveloping you.

Tropical River Postcard

Pittsburgh Paradise Postcard

Island Inspo

I love Pittsburgh, but one of my other favorite places to be is sitting on a tropical island.  I wanted Pittsburgh to have that same feel.  After all, we already have humidity like a rainforest, why not a beach and some tropical fish?


Pittsburgh Babylon Postcard


All over Pittsburgh we have some crazy overgrown vines, crawling up the sides of houses, draping over road ways (I see you PJ McArdle).  I'd love to see even more of this, plants taking over buildings, creating greenery like the hanging gardens of Babylon.  Start looking for vines, you'll see them everywhere!


Pittsburgh Nights and Electric Incline Postcard

Bridges, Butterflies, Inclines and Fireworks

There's not much to explain about these pairings, except maybe for the butterflies.  Lately I've been seeing several butterflies, like little protectors fluttering into my peripheral vision letting me know they've got me.  


Where will your postcard travel to?


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