Postcard Campaign Update

Postcard Campaign Update

Your postcards are supporting Pittsburgh artists!  We're sharing the most recent stats, press we received, and some sweet postcard messages you have been sending. 


Postcard Stats

We are thrilled to report that at 25 days into the campaign we have sent over 780 postcards. 

We have made donations of over $425 to the Pittsburgh Artist Emergency fund

Thank you for sending love, keep it going so we can donate even more!   

Postcards in the news

Thanks to KDKA and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, more folks have learned about our postcard campaign.  Check out the interview from our homes on KDKA :)

‘love, Pittsburgh:’ Spreading Love And Support For Local Artists During Coronavirus Outbreak KDKA

Postcards help spread the love, raise funds for Pittsburgh-area artists in need Trib LIVE

What you're sending

It warms our hearts reading and hand-writing your personal messages. 

We have seen you sending birthday wishes, silly notes, poems, and jokes. 

Many of you are remembering to "look for the helpers" and are wishing health and safety for others.  

My personal favorites are discovering your nicknames, giving distant hugs, and recalling memories together of games and fun gatherings.  


The postcard campaign is on-going!  We want to send 1000 postcards, so keep on writing!  Send your postcards by clicking the link below.


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