Planting My PGH Roots In The South

Planting My PGH Roots In The South

As a Pittsburgh native spending my college years in the heart of the South at The University of Alabama, I have found "homesick" to be a very familiar feeling. In this new and uncharted territory, there are a few things I have found make the transition from North to South a bit easier.

Reminders of Pittsburgh in my home away from home

 The hardest part of the ordeal for me has always been living so far away from home. Just around a year and a half ago, all moved into my freshman dorm, I remember the harsh feeling of uncertainty overwhelming me as my parents waved their final goodbye as they began their adventure back to Pittsburgh, leaving me in this unfamiliar new world of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Although the adjustment took time, surrounding myself with reminders of my hometown made it so much easier. 

Steelers Season

 Growing up in a city that bleeds black and gold prepared me very well for the greatness that is Alabama Football. Being raised by a family that made sure the Steelers game was broadcast on every TV throughout the house since I can remember, gave me the perfect segway into becoming a die-hard Crimson Tide fan in the past few years. Nothing ties my two homes together like cheering on #22 Najee Harris, who graduated from Alabama himself! 

Comfort Food

 Sometimes, the best cure for feeling homesick comes from a yummy, steaming taste of home. For me, this comes in the form of fresh-cooked pierogies smothered in butter and onions. A Pittsburgh staple, they are the ultimate fix for when I need a dose of the Steel City. Kasia's Potato & Cheese is my go-to here in Alabama.

Friendly Faces 

Moving hours away from home, I knew that the hunt for friends would not necessarily be a walk in the park. In hopes of easing the process, I took part in formal recruitment freshman year, (As TikTok has named it: #BAMARUSH) and became a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. As my new sisters turned into my best friends, I soon learned that many of us shared the same roots back to Pittsburgh. My friends have been my anchor, and I find comfort in knowing we are all on the same journey so far from home. 

These bits and pieces of Pittsburgh that I have brought with me on my current adventure will continue to aid me in comfort as I unwrap what my future has in store. 

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Love this! Well written and interesting!!

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