Pittsburgh Winter Wellness

Pittsburgh Winter Wellness

Who needs a little January treat to brighten their Pittsburgh winter? Planning an outdoors meet up warmed by a fire helps me a great deal. Here are several ways I recently found some Winter Wellness.

Fireside Chats

I feel fortunate to have a small outdoor space to gather around a fire. Bundling up outside with a visit from friends, neighbors, or family is a safe and fun way to stay connected. I recently discovered the therapy of burning pine tree trimmings, watching dry branches curl into dancing snake shapes before disappearing into ash.


National Aviary

Now is the perfect time to visit The Aviary, with timed tickets. There were no crowds, and had many spaces to myself. One highlight was spending loads of time with the penguins, especially Sunshine. She is a playful people lover. While she swam,  we chased each other back and forth, cracking me up! 


Carnegie Museum Of Art

Speaking of timed tickets, Carnegie Museum Of Art also offers the space to safely explore. I was excited to view Locally Sourcedorganized by Alyssa Velazquez, curatorial assistant for Decorative Arts & Design. Shown together here are 3 artists we are proud to feature, Knotzland, Twelve/Twenty Studio, and Idia'Dega.


Neighborhood Explorations

Exploring the so so many Pittsburgh neighborhoods is some personal favorite therapy, no matter what the season. I am usually with my husband, Don, strolling the alleyways of the south side, gawking at building renovations in The Strip (Aurora where The Metropol used to be!), feeling the energy shifts Downtown. One recent North side adventure ended outside at Federal Gallery. We werent lucky enough to reserve one of their igloos-were you?  https://www.yelp.com/reservations/federal-galley-pittsburgh-2?from_reserve_now=1

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