Pittsburgh Tailgate Essentials

Pittsburgh Tailgate Essentials

Football season is upon us, and for Steelers and Pitt fans, it's a time of excitement, camaraderie, and, of course, tailgating. If you're planning to host or attend a tailgate party this fall, here are a few essential items that can take your tailgate to the next level.



No tailgate is complete without koozies to keep your drinks cold. What better way to hold your drinks than to show your unwavering support for the 'burgh! Get yourself and the crew a Cheers Yinz Koozie or a Jagoff Koozie



Tailgating in Pittsburgh right now means that you're either under the bright sun or trying to keep warm on a chilly day. The Rivers Stripe Hat or Rivers Stripe Beanie will complete your game day look and you’ll be ready for any weather.

Something Sweet


The secret to great game day food is having quality snacks and flavors. Hand out these black and gold Chocolate Pretzels or leave out a bowl of Scamps Popcorn for a delicious way to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Something Salty


Elevate your dishes with these Pittsburgh-crafted blends! Add a unique, local twist to your menu with the Black and Gold Blend or Black and Gold Sauce. Both will infuse your grilling with tasty flavors.

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