Pittsburgh Rainbow Challenge

Pittsburgh Rainbow Challenge

We Pittsburghers know it's rare to see a rainbow.  The 'burgh is notoriously gray and rainy, and our rainbows are harder to find.  But, when you find one, isn't it sensational?  Walkers pause, traffic stops, people take pictures and it brightens up everyone's day.  A rainbow, lasting just a few minutes, can turn the whole day around. 

What is your Pittsburgh Rainbow? 

It's now normal to not feel "normal" as we ride the ups and downs of this pandemic. It sometimes feels like your emotional compass is being played with by a magnetic force. This leads to the question—when everything is unpredictable, where is the silver lining?

Let’s remember to give ourselves permission to feel and validate all of our emotions. With that, I’ve challenged myself to answer each day, “What is my Pittsburgh Rainbow?” Meaning, what is the silver lining today—but in Pittsburgh terms.

It can be simple and small, but I haven’t gone a day without finding one—even on the seemingly impossible days. Some days it’ll be easy to name it, and others, you’ll have to look for it.

How to Participate

As part of being on the love, Pittsburgh team, a love for our city and its people is part of our foundational values. We take pride in all of the makers, the dreamers, artists, and risk-takers. Therefore, we find it important to launch this campaign and to challenge our city to participate in, “What is your Pittsburgh Rainbow?”

This is what we challenge you to do:

  1. Take a photo of your Pittsburgh Rainbow. That could be anything from learning a new recipe, taking a walk, a good cup of coffee…etc.

  2. Upload that picture on social media with the caption (or something similar) “My Pittsburgh Rainbow is (fill in the blank).” Then tag and challenge a few other friends to take part!

  3. In that caption, make sure to include the hashtag #pittsburghrainbow and tag @lovepittsburghshop so that we can feature you on our social media and other campaign-related projects!  

We are hoping this ongoing campaign will help unify our city, encourage one another, and give creative ideas on how to find our Pittsburgh Rainbow.

I'll start. 

My #pittsburghrainbow today is that it was warm enough to work outside! I put on all things spring and planted myself on the front porch for the day. @lovepittsburghshop I challenge @anybodyreadingthis!! 

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