Pittsburgh Parks TripleAAAnimals All-Stars

Pittsburgh Parks TripleAAAnimals All-Stars

New tee alert!

Honoring Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy’s 25th Anniversary TripleAAAnimals has created the Pittsburgh Parks TripleAAAnimals All-Stars. The illustration created by local artist Mary Tremonte features Home team -- animals native to the region -- and Visitors team -- species introduced to Pittsburgh. 



How the tee came to be

This past spring, many Pittsburghers were startled to discover that there are snakes in our local parks when a Black Rat Snake was seen in Frick. This solidified the idea behind a collaboration between the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and TripleAAAnimals, who have joined together to present “Pittsburgh Parks x TripleAAAnimals All-Stars,” two teams representing native and invasive species to the region. The illustration of ten animals includes five Home team and five Visitors created by local artist, Mary Mack. 

The two teams represent just a handful of the different species you can find in and around the Pittsburgh Parks system of 165 park and recreation sites, consisting of nearly 2,000 acres. From fauna, amphibians, insects and mammals, the design highlights species that have been around the region for millennia or in the case of the spotted lanternfly, only since 2014. 

A word from Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

“We could not have been more honored when TripleAAAnimals asked to partner with our organization on this exciting endeavor,” Alana Wenk, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Communications Strategist said. “Pittsburgh’s parks are filled with adventure, exploration, and of course, amazing species. We couldn’t think of a better way to continue honoring our 25th anniversary celebration!” 

Artist Mary Tremonte shares

“Much of my creative practice is rooted in drawing, printing, learning from and celebrating my affinities with animals, plants, and mycelia,” Mary Tremonte, the artist who created the design of the Home and Visitor team and selected the final cut for the animals. “Developing deeper relationships with land has been an intrinsic support through this past year especially, and this collaboration is a real dream team.” Mary will also work on developing other designs that will drop over the next three months with the final drop in this series coming in October in time for the 25th anniversary celebration. 

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A portion of the sales will benefit the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. TripleAAAnimals also shares a portion of sales with the designing artists.

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