Pair Your Pie With Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches

This Thanksgiving, let your sweet tooth go wild by pairing your pie with our mouth-watering Leona's Ice Cream Sandwiches. We listed our favorite pies with some most loved ice cream sandwiches for your dessert inspiration.

Pumpkin Pie // Coffee on Snickerdoodle

The classic Thanksgiving flavored pie pairs nicely with Leona's coffee ice cream and snickerdoodle cookie.

Pecan Pie // Banana Bourbon Caramel on Oatmeal Lace

If you're a pecan pie fan, you've got to try it along side the banana bourbon caramel on oatmeal lace. 

Apple Pie // Blueberry on Snickerdoodle

We are fruit lovers so pairing apple pie was easy! Try it with Leona's blueberry on snickerdoodle to add an extra fruity and cinnamon taste.

Blueberry Pie // Black Raspberry on Sugar Cookie

We paired one of Leona's newest flavors, black raspberry on sugar cookie, with blueberry pie for the ultimate berry flavor. 

Lemon Meringue Pie // Key Lime on Graham

If you're a lemon or key lime fan, we've got you covered. Pair your lemon meringue pie with Leona's key lime on graham ice cream sandwich for a delicious treat.

We want to see your creativity! What Leona's Ice Cream Sandwich are you pairing with pie this Thanksgiving? Tag us on social media @lovepittsburghshop