Our Resolutions 2023

Our Resolutions 2023

A fresh year welcomes fresh perspectives and a chance to set intentions.  Much of our mission has maintained throughout the years, and here we are sharing how we are resolved to show up as a business into 2023 and beyond.


Lovett Sundries Products

Supporting local artists and makers

It has been our mission to be 100% local from the very start, and are proud to use that as our guiding compass.  This year we plan on increasing the number of artists that we feature, as we are continually searching for new and up-and-coming makers.  Applications to be a part of our store are always open, if you have something new to share or are just starting out, share your work with us here.

Additionally we will be providing new opportunities to create connections between our artists and customers with new events we are creating called Maker Moments.  Sign up for our rewards program to be the first to have the chance to attend these experiences.  

As we've grown, we've been thankful for the opportunity to cultivate community partnerships where we can feature our business neighbors like Black Forge Coffee, Parma Sausage, and Bigham Tavern to name a few.  We're always looking for new ways to partner, and we'd love to hear from you if you are interested!


Kind Supply Napkins

Operating Sustainably

We began our sustainability journey with our very first store in Mount Washington where we achieved a Gold level certification with Sustainable PGH.  Operating sustainable businesses has continued with our Downtown and Strip District stores.  Shop our selection of sustainable gifts, and read more about our sustainability efforts here.


Kristen and Jen

Growing with our team

We can't stop bragging about our Dream Team, and for good reason. They are most good-hearted and talented group you will find!  It is especially satisfying when the products our team members make, or the ideas they contribute, come to life in our store.  They also have excellent taste and can point out some of the best products we carry, check out their favorite here.

We are thankful that as we have expanded our operations we've grown our team as well.  We look forward for more opportunities to add to our super star roster.


Best Wishes Box

Customer connections

Some of the best ideas come from our customers needs.  We've been inspired to create gift boxes, wedding favors, and more fun merch from requests for interesting products.  This year we are kicking it up a notch and finding more ways to meet your needs by being the first to bring you newly curated treasures from local artisans.

Chatting with you in our stores is one of our favorite things, so stop by anytime and tell us what you're searching for, and there's a good chance we'll be inspired to add it to our assortment!  Or drop us a line and let us know how we can help with your gifting needs.


Gift boxes that give back

Giving back

Donating to our key organizations is another way that we are instilling our values in all that we do.  Shop our Hello Neighbor gift box to support refugee resettlement, drop your extra change in our Nose 2 Tail Cat Rescue collection at our registers, or decline a bag with your purchase to help Tree Pittsburgh plant and care for Pittsburgh's urban forest.  Read more about how we give back here


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