Our Favorite Places Downtown

Our Favorite Places Downtown

As Pittsburgh locals, our team definitely has our fair share of favorite places to go throughout the city.  Here’s a list of all the best places to visit Downtown and their locations.


If you’re looking for food and a good time try Bae Bae’s Kitchen, Rosewater Middle Eastern Grille, The Speckled EggCon Alma Restaurant and Jazz Bar, La Gourmandine, and The Warren Bar & Burrow.  Con Alma Restaurant and Jazz Bar is listed in Esquire Magazine’s best 27 bars in American in 2021! “You don’t need a reservation to check out the bar and lounge, which is a great vibe and you can hear all of the jazz in this intimate venue” - Monica.

(Con Alma Restaurant and Jazz Bar)


If you’re looking for something fun to do with your friends and love coffee, try visiting the Adda Coffee House.  Adda is the Bengali word for bringing people together to engage in the fine art of conversation. Adda is committed to sourcing the best possible coffees and teas from around the world through their partnerships.  They also work with non-profit organizations to help local communities thrive.

(Adda Coffee House)


For local clothes, whether it’s Pittsburgh inspired or not, check out Steel City Brand, Boutique La Passerelle, and Fresh Nostalgia.  When talking about Boutique La Passerelle, our very own Kelly Sanders says, “Adele is the unofficial mayor of Downtown Pittsburgh, and lights up the day anytime we are lucky enough to see her!”  In addition to these boutiques and clothing stores you can also check out Amazing Books & Records.  They will buy books and records from you AND with every three things that you buy you always get a free item of your choice.

(Boutique La Passerelle)


If you love art, check out the Wood Street Galleries.  These galleries feature two floors of exhibition and performance space, and subsidized office space for emerging performing organizations throughout Pittsburgh. They feature digital media, film, video, robotics, and new media installations.  If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, check out The Backyard or The Point.  Both amazing places to spend your day getting fresh air.

(The Point)

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