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Our Dream Team's Favorite Items

With love, Pittsburgh’s huge selection of items, it can be difficult to pick out exactly what you want to purchase. Maybe you’re visiting the city and looking for a Pittsburgh souvenir or perhaps you’re looking to buy a gift for someone’s special occasion. No matter the reason, our Dream Team has curated a collection of their current favorite items to help guide your love, Pittsburgh shopping experience.


Whether you’re moving into a new home or want to add some fresh features to your current place, here are some of our favorite art and decor pieces:


You can never go wrong with a candle, and our Dream Team can’t get enough of our collection! love, signature candle

In the Kitchen

Who doesn’t want some goodies to snack on after their love, Pittsburgh shopping trip? We offer a wide selection of treats and other kitchen essentials.

scamps toffee

Personal Care

While you’re picking out gifts for others, make sure you treat yourself to some personal care items. We have loads of products to get your skin feeling just right and full of love!
charcoal soap


We have some stylish picks for you too! Here are some staff favorites from our apparel and jewelry assortments.coral crop tee


Visiting the city and want to send a postcard back home? Looking for a greeting card for an upcoming birthday or graduation? Want to start journaling and need a cute notebook to get you started? We have all your stationery needs. safe space journal


For any other treasures and unique finds, we’ve got you covered. kreepy doll

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