Our Fall One Of A Kind Collection is called Wooded Wonder. Inspired by rustling leaves by day, leading into an evening filled with crackling fire shadows. Find rusty browns and spicy oranges meeting nature's shades of green.

Kelly’s Vintage Treasures

If Fall is your favorite season, this bunch of goodies is for you. The curated vintage assortment has everything from green glass dishes to acorn shaped bowls with ceramic owls and even a sly fox. 

Kin Of Duncan

We are incredibly lucky to work with Jazmiere of Kin Of Duncan on our seasonal collections. We adore this round of prints, from cheerfully colored mushrooms to a magical fairy forest print. Act fast for you and your pup before they are gone.


Upcycled vintage fabric notebooks help tell this Wooded Wonder story. Fall berries and florals meet wild animal prints. Don’t miss the ladies on a park bench perched under a leafy tree!

Logo Sticker

We have been adding seasonal colorways of our classic logo sticker. Pick up a clay or chocolate brown sticker for your sticker collection, or go all out with our graphic option of a blue skied forest. Yay Fall!


Shop the rest of Wooded Wonder here!

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