ONE-OF-A-KIND LAUNCH Blooms And Butterflies

ONE-OF-A-KIND LAUNCH Blooms And Butterflies

We are most excited to share the launch of our new online section: One-Of-A-Kind. We have always had loads of unique gifts in the shops for you. Now you can browse these original items on our website, finding your treasure.


We love a good story, and especially love telling one of our own. Our first curated One-Of-a-Kind story is full of spring feels and titled "Blooms And Butterflies." While cocooning, read on for a preview of what you will find…

Plant Lady Wannabe 

Due to their color, shape, and flower on top, each one of the crochet cacti has a special personality.

We loved watching customers line them up on the counter, deciding which one spoke to them. Usually, we asked the purchaser to give the cactus a good home and name them.

Here we couldn't help ourselves and gave them suggested names. Feel free to rename after you give your prickly pal a home.


Made from an upcycled fabric assortment, I love creating these unique notebooks, scrunchies, heart cards, and framed art.

In this time of journaling, sketching, and list-making, the 3 sizes of notebooks suit all needs. This first online collection is full of blooms and butterflies feels.

Kelly's Vintage Treasures

You asked for it, you got it. So many of you requested to purchase our vintage display items, so I started collecting more to pass along to you.

Everything From butterfly pins, hand-painted wooden bowls, heart-shaped dishes, and brass swans, see what’s new in our vintage mix.


Check back often, as our one-of-a-kind collection will frequently update. Happy treasure hunt!


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