One Of A Kind: Grandma's House

One Of A Kind: Grandma's House

There is something about a visit to the grandparents, right? Maybe it's a scent, a favorite piece of furniture, certain music, or special holiday foods. This collection was inspired by a trip to grandma's house this holiday season.

Kelly's Vintage Treasures

These vintage treasures look like they came straight from grandma's Christmas cookie table! Fun festive glassware, snack bowls, holly, and poinsettias.

We also assembled a blue and white vintage story for Hanukkah celebrations (this collection can be found at The Strip District location, while they last!)

Cozy Crochet

Corchet creates this adorable hand-crochet tree trivet, perfect for any holiday table setting. Don't miss her scarf-wearing penguin and cacti coaster set too!

This trio of super cute tree ornaments comes with a wooden bead and are made with love by Busy Hook Happy Heart. Don't forget to trim the tree with a crochet pierogi and rainbow ornament from Steel Wool Yarn.

Quilt Stash Fabrics

If you have a grandma with a sewing room, you know she has a fabric stash. This latest round of upcycled fabric from toomanysparkles notebooks look like they came straight from grandma's favorite fabrics. Speaking of interesting fabric, keep an eye out for our newest collection from Kin Of Duncan, and a super special new Kreepy Doll style too.

Snowflake Doily Heirlooms 

If you have a chance to visit our stores this winter, don't miss our "snowflakes." I was recently gifted a collection of doilies that are over 100 years old from my mother-in-law. When she pulled them out of her storage trunk, I immediately knew they needed to become part of our holiday windows. After some research, I found that an equal mixture of boiled water and Epsom salts served as a natural way to harden them into twirling flakes. Paired with fresh cut juniper from Monica's yard makes for a simply magical holiday display.

What are some favorite memories of your grandma's house during the holidays?

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