New Launch: Natural Dyed Tees

New Launch: Natural Dyed Tees

Check out our latest exclusives that we are falling hard for: Natural Dyed Tees and Bandanas.  Read on as we share the behind-the-scenes of how we handcrafted each piece.

 Natural Dyed Bandanas

 Dyeing shirts


Our natural dyed tees and bandanas were sparked by a project worked on by our summer intern, Sophia.  We loved how her work with natural dyes meshed perfectly with crafting and fashion.  And we couldn't be happier with the outcome, beautiful one of a kind oversized tees and bandanas.  


 Dyeing with botanicals

Dyeing with natural materials


Using natural products to dye each piece was fun and eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals, just ingredients you could find in your pantry, fridge, or local grocery.  

We began experimenting with anything we had on hand, spices, tea, produce, botanicals, to see what would give us the results we were looking for.  


 Bundle Dyeing

Bundle Dyeing

Bandanas air drying


We couldn't get enough of the bright hues of tumeric and the mellow blues (yes blues!) of red cabbage.  Paprika and avocado pits also made their way into the mix. 

Each piece was carefully wrapped, steamed, line dried, and washed, a multi-day process where we got to watch the colors evolve and settle into their final shade.

 love, Tee

love, Tee natural dye


With creative direction from Sophia and our other intern Maddie, we decided to embroider the oversized tees with our love, art.  The neutral embroidery plays off of the natural dyes, creating this must have tee.

love, Tee stack

love, Tee outside


These pretty pieces are so unique we think they are best shopped in our stores.  Visit us and take home your favorite before they're gone.
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