My love, Letter to Summer 2023

My love, Letter to Summer 2023

Dear Summer 2023,

It all started when I met Monica and Kelly while organizing a Women in Business event about entrepreneurship. When I found their internship on Handshake months later, I knew I wanted to apply and explore the small businesses that represent local Pittsburgh makers. Learning that Monica and Kelly just launched love, made me even more passionate to accept the opportunity!

Starting out, I worked on social media copy for Swiftsburgh, which was a super fun and unique marketing opportunity that small businesses specifically are able to lean into. I also had the chance to design maps of the Dream Team’s favorite local Pittsburgh spots near each of love, Pittsburgh’s stores. Being able to see these maps printed for customers is a day I look forward to!

From company vision to customer personas to social content themes, I’ve also loved helping Monica and Kelly develop love,’s full branding plan to reach new audiences beyond Pittsburgh – anyone who is interested in love.

As for analytics, I was not only able to gain hands-on experience with building dashboards in Looker Studio using Shopify data, but I was also able to help the Dream Team see key metrics that guided store hours and product inventory.

Moving forward, I can’t wait to start my senior year at the University of Pittsburgh. It’s been a great three years so far with amazing friends and mentors supporting me along the way, and I’m excited to see where it goes!

Thank you Summer 2023 for giving me the opportunity to work with the Dream Team!

Vianne Chang


A girl standing at Pittsburgh's Mount Washington overlook

P.S. This trip to Mount Washington in 2020 is when I saw love, Pittsburgh for the first time!

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