Maker We Love: CJ7 Designs

Maker We Love: CJ7 Designs


Chris Janssen and Marisa Golden - Owner/Spouses


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CJ7 Designs, LLC upcycles old into new. We create unique statement pieces for the home out of industrial and found items that no longer serve their intended purpose thereby helping the planet and our beloved hometown, Pittsburgh, through the decrease of waste and the promotion of reusable items. Much of our focus is on the use of automotive parts such as valve covers that are transformed into hangers for masks, backpacks, coats, hats and more. License plates are transformed into pencil holders or crates for carrying things such as beer or sanitizing products. Our catalog also includes a line of ornaments keeping Pittsburgh history alive and celebrated. A laser is used to etch wood with custom images of Pittsburgh steel mills, bridges and unique traditions such as the Pittsburgh Parking Chair. With an appreciation for doing things by hand each item is handmade and heart-made.


What's your story?

While working under the hood of our ‘72 Cutlass in what may not have been a well-vented garage (kidding!) the parts began to take a different form. The air cleaner cover and the piston with connecting rod transformed into clocks and the spark plugs found new life as bottle openers. We couldn't scrap things that needed to be replaced under the hood because they had the potential to be beautiful and functional in a new way. As a Mechanical Engineer (Chris) and a Graphic Designer (Marisa) we had a desire to help the planet with our talents and keep these beautiful things out of the landfill. So CJ7 Designs was born.



Baldwin Borough


What product do we NEED to know and why?

Merging Pittsburgh's heritage with it's future CJ7 Designs has created a steel beam ornament reminiscent of its Steel City era but produced with our in-house laser acknowledging the city's current focus. Flanking the beam is “Love PGH''.


In three words, why do you love Pittsburgh?

Family, sports, & history.


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