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Much More Than A Souvenir Shop

When Monica and I were planning to open the first love, Pittsburgh location in Mount Washington, we knew we wanted to be known for more than a “souvenir shop.” The Pittsburgh creative community was important to us, and we wanted to showcase local talent. Yes, some gifts highlight our hometown, but the majority simply came from artists we were excited to feature.

Fast forward 3 and one half years. As we have recently and carefully reopened, travelers have found us by searching for Pittsburgh souvenirs. They are always so happy to learn of our mission and hearing the stories of the local artists and how their items are created. They come in asking for a magnet, and end up leaving with unique earrings, dogdannas, salt blends, crochet cacti, coffee, and so much more than just a postcard.. 

We are so thankful to continue to represent Pittsburgh artists and makers to both visitors and locals. The support makes a real difference, and helps us order more goods from our neighbors. Thanks for taking home a souvenir that comes with a little something extra, made with Pittsburgh love.

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