Mother Daughter Burgh Businesses

Mother Daughter Burgh Businesses

How lucky are some of us, getting to work with family? I am so excited that my daughter, Diaz, is home from college for the summer (Roll Tide!). Say hello when you see her working at our new sister store, love, in Market Square Downtown.

love, Kelly and daughter, Diaz

The timing of opening our new concept store, love, and my daughter's return home from college, perfectly aligned. Having Diaz be a part of the early stages is thrilling. We welcome her perspective and ideas, and even named a sweatshirt after her!

plant lady wannabe Annie, and mom Bridget

So many customers have fallen in love with the sweet crochet cacti created by Plant Lady Wanna Be. It's always a joy to share that a mom and daughter duo are behind the easy-care cactus.

Daughter Annie Perri Cole shares:

For my mom and me, the main reason we started Plant Lady Wannabe was to spend time together. We love collaborating, working shows side by side and just sitting down to crochet and talk for hours together. I'm so thankful for my mom and this creative outlet.

parma sausage Sisters Erin, Amy, and mom Rina

Having Parma Sausage as our Strip District landlord has been a dream. We feel so fortunate to have been immediately welcomed and supported as an extension of their wonderful family. We asked daughters, Erin and Amy, what it is like to work with their mom, Rina.

Erin shares: 

What I love about working with my mother is that we have a shared understanding that all of our hard work is for family, and that is the greatest reward in life.

Amy shares:

What I love the most about working with my Mom is, simply, the extra time we get to spend together. From the walks we take down Penn Avenue grabbing a coffee and catching up about life outside of work. To the time spent with family and friends sitting around the Parma kitchen table enjoying a glass of wine and sampling some our of products, while listening to her tell old stories about the early days at Parma with my Grandfather. All of those moments are priceless to me and make me realize how uniquely special it is to be part of this family business, which she helped to build, and I cherish all of it. I have learned so much from my Mom about life and business and I feel so incredibly fortunate to get to work with her and the rest of the family to preserve our Parma legacy! 

Amber and Kaylee

We have to give a special shout out to Amber's daughter, Kaylee. Although not a full time employee (ummm...she is still in grade school), Kaylee loves coming to the Strip District shop to work with her mom. She is even a pro at upselling our love, Pittsburgh chocolate bar. Go Kaylee! We cannot wait to hire you in a few more years.

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