More Ways To Stay Summertime Cool

More Ways To Stay Summertime Cool

Sometimes you gotta think beyond the pool for keeping cool. Besides staying hydrated and indulging in Leonas, here are a few favorite options to cool down when the heat kicks in.

Misty Fountains

The tickle from fountain mist is a most enjoyable way to cool the skin. Choose between the dancing fountains of PPG and the majestic fountain at The Point for a fun cool down. Plus the soothing sound of the bubbling water is added bonus.

Local Lakes

Monica enjoys escaping to Moraine State Park to paddle board. She described the sparkling lake water as "silky soft"--who wouldn't want to take a dip? I actually love the shade surrounding the lake, finding interesting pockets of coolness like the Native Tree Orchard.

Raccoon State park is another local lake treasure for fun both on the water, or the miles of shady trails surrounding the lake.

Road Trippers

The straight shot up 79 North makes a 2 hour trip to Lake Erie super easy. Presque Isle is gorgeous, with so much to explore. There's quite a range for getting a nature fix, from finding smooth flat rocks for stacking, to underwater rocks wearing furry looking green moss. Well worth the journey.

Kennywood’s Pittsburgh Plunge and Raging Rapids are more like Super Soakers, if that's your thing! However you stay cool out there, we hope you find lots of summer fun. Please share your favorite ways to beat the Pittsburgh heat..

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