Modern Minimalist Gifts

Modern Minimalist Gifts

Buying gifts for a minimalist can be quite the challenge as they continue to tell you they have everything they want or need. Our minimalist friends and family are simply focused on the idea that everything that benefits them is already in their possession and things that don’t serve them value, they pay no attention to. So the question you’re probably asking is, what can be useful to someone who already has everything they feel they personally need? We’ve got some pretty chic and simple items here at love, Pittsburgh that can spice up a minimalist lifestyle. 


Kerf Charging Block


A Kerf wireless charging block allows for fewer cables and less clutter, leaving their bedside table or desk clean and clear from all the mess. Who doesn’t love a clean nightstand anyways? 


Hanna Cutting Board


The attractive look of this hand-cut cutting board is both sturdy and lightweight. Adding it to someone’s kitchen gives them a natural long lasting item that ultimately ties right into their lifestyle and this cutting board is the perfect choice. Hanna's Cherry & Maple and Maple & Walnut cutting boards are the perfect addition to any kitchen!


Lovett Soap


Bar soaps are way more eco-friendly than your typical liquid soap, so why not give them this clarifying charcoal and clay bar soap. Lovett Charcoal Soap is easy to use and lasts a long time while helping with all their body cleanliness needs.

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