Team Must-Haves (Current Team Favorites in the Shop)

Team Must-Haves (Current Team Favorites in the Shop)

Our crew at love, Pittsburgh are some of the top customers, and we definitely have our favorite products. It's hard to pick just one item from our shops with the wide ranging variety, but our team of gifting experts has favorite go-tos to share with you. 



love, Everything Salt from Steel City Salt Company

"It's so tasty on eggs!"

Best Ever Granola because she literally eats it out of the bag with a spoon.


Dendrology candle from North Ave

This candle is so dreamy, like walking through a lush forest. It really makes my house smell amazing.


Steel City Salts Truffle Salt and Kreepy Dolls. She just acquired Larry Chestnut during one of her shifts. 


Binko's Banger 848 Jalapeño Pepper Sauce and the Signature Candle.

Kelly S


Not Today Satan Tea from Triple Moon Alchemy. If you have a hard time falling asleep, this brew will knock you out. 


Kelly Y

Kelly loves to wear Luster's Drop Earrings when she is going to a special event.


Nicole enjoys a variety of favorite goodies from our shops:  Curly Tail Coffee and love, Pittsburgh Everything Salt and from our sister brand love, Joy Roll-on Perfume


Abby loves our signature scented incense LOVE made by PSquare Scents. It is comprised of bamboo, black tea and bergamot having a clean aroma. 


Mary loves the Scamp's Toffee. Who can blame her? It is so delectable; try having only one piece. 


Like Monica, Sam's shop favorite is Maestros' Sauce Co. Roasted Ghosted Garlic. So yummy on an egg sandwich.


Do you share any of our team's favorite shop items? Let us know in the comments.

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