Makers we love: strawberryluna

Makers we love: strawberryluna

Our next featured makers are another dynamic duo, Allison and Craig are the artists behind strawberryluna.  If you don’t know them by name, there’s a good chance you’ve seen their iconic City Of Bridges print.  Read more to learn about the spirit of how they approach their work and why they love the burgh.



Allison Glancey & Craig Seder, owners & designer/illustrators at strawberryluna


Our home and studio is in the Friendship neighborhood, tucked into the East End.

Tell us about your brand and why it’s the best

Oh gosh, we’re not good at this kind of thing! I will say that we really try our hardest to make happy, joyful and vibrant artwork that brings a smile with our prints and designs. Way deep down in my sometimes jaded little heart, I want to literally create happiness and love because our world really needs these things. We hand silkscreen print much of our work in our studio literally the old fashioned way, one color layer at a time, and while it is mega-super labor intensive? We think it’s the bee’s knees.

Black and Gold Heart by strawberryluna

What is your background and the story behind why you started strawberryluna?

Since there are two of us, let’s break it down!

Allison is originally from Philadelphia, but she has lived in Pittsburgh and loving life here for so long now that she thinks of herself as Naturalized. That’s what happens when you marry a PGH boy. Both Allison & Craig are largely self-taught designers and illustrators. Allison studied all kinds of fun liberal arts stuff at the Univ. of Pgh. (Children’s Lit, Developmental Psych, and Women’s Studies) and then found Artists Image Resource (AIR) on the Northside and immediately fell in love with screen printing. That space and the community there kicked off everything that is ‘strawberryluna’ as the basis of experimenting with printmaking, design, and illustration. The magic of having an idea, managing to translate it into a physical object in the real world, and then have people want to live with that idea as a print? It’s a magical feeling that never dies and we love that it’s our job.

Craig is a Pittsburgh-born & bred fellow originally from Squirrel Hill. He also went to Pitt, starting out in Art History and then moving on to English Writing. Along the way, he worked at the University radio station WPTS where he began his design career working on flyers and fun stuff. He is one of those rare creatures who always knew what he wanted to do when he grew up, and that was to be a designer. These days, he moonlights at strawberryluna while his day gig is as the Creative Director at Smith Bros. Advertising. Craig’s hidden talents run far and wide, and many of them are centered around cooking incredible meals for the two of us, being hilarious, and playing guitar.

We’re basically poster children for the “I don’t know. Just try it, and see what happens.” ethos.

City Of Bridges by strawberryluna

What one product do we need to know about and why?

Our all hand silkscreen printed “Pittsburgh, City of Bridges” Prints! We had been wanting to create a Pittsburgh-themed print and product for a long time. And it took us a long time to finally make something that was in our style, not your typical “Luv Ya Black & Gold” sort of thing. That’s just not our forte, and a few early designs verging into that territory felt disingenuous when set alongside our other work and styles. We love these prints and we hope that love, Pittsburgh customers do too!

In three words, Why do you love Pittsburgh?

Aggressively Friendly People

How can people find out more about strawberryluna?

We have both a website shop & an Etsy shop, and we ship literally all over the world. We love to share our process as we print, draw, design, and yeah, walk the dog. We’re easily found across social media and the web under ‘strawberryluna’. We like to keep it simple. And yep, it’s spelled just like that, all one word, all in lowercase letters.

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