Makers We Love: Nancy Tabbara of Tabbara Chocolates

Makers We Love: Nancy Tabbara of Tabbara Chocolates

Name and Company

Nancy Tabbara - Tabbara Chocolates

Tell us about your brand and why it's the best.

We are dedicated to working with the highest quality ingredients and maintaining the standards that are our family tradition

Tell us about your story.

Nancy Tabbara is a third-generation chocolatier. The family business originally opened in the 1950’s in Beirut, Lebanon during the Golden Age of the nation. A civil war brought the family to the United States, and Nancy has revived the family’s pride and joy in her East End studio.

Where are you located?

The factory is in Point Breeze/Homewood 

What one product (that we will be carrying) do our customers need to know about and why?

Our "I Love You" bar. It is a delicious white chocolate and raspberry bar, sprinkled with crispy pearls and dried strawberries. 

In three words, Why do you love Pittsburgh? 

Diversity, culture, and friendliness of the people

How can we learn more about your business? 
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