Makers We Love: Miller's Mustard

Makers We Love: Miller's Mustard

On this week’s Makers We Love, we invite you to discover the bold taste of Miller’s award-winning Banana Pepper Mustard. Starting out as a secret family recipe, the brand can now be purchased in 500 stores, with love, Pittsburgh being one of them!

Tell us about yourself and your brand:

I'm Robb Miller and the Founder/CEO of Miller's Mustard. We use Vine-Ripened Banana Peppers which give us mustards great flavor!  And the product has is so versatile, you can enjoy it on just about anything!

Why did you start your brand?

 At the request of friends, our family started cooking up a few stockpots of homemade banana pepper mustard to share. We made this mustard for over 20 years before we started the business.  With years of trying new variations and mixtures, we have fine-tuned the recipe to where it is today.

What's one product that you want our customers to know about?

All three products are great, it really just depends on your heat preference.  Overall the Hot is the most popular but the others are gaining! 

Describe Pittsburgh in 3 words:

 Love the people!

What’s your brand’s biggest accomplishment?

 Miller’s has won quite a few awards including 1stplace at the Scovie awards in 2010, 2011, and 2018. As well as The Hot Pepper Awards where we placed 2ndand 3rdin 2010 and 2011. Miller’s Mustard was also Sissy Biggers’ Trend Pick at the 2015 Fancy Food Show on The Today Show.

Where can we learn more about Miller's Mustard?

Our website, is our best platform. We keep customers updated on our Facebook page.


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