Makers We Love: Fat Cat Chocolates

Makers We Love: Fat Cat Chocolates

Meet Dan Stevey, the maker of Fat Cat Chocolates!

tell us about your brand

Our sweet tooth is driven by a nostalgic love of chocolate and flavors that appeal to our inner child.  At Fat Cat Chocolates we focus on fun by creating chocolate bars inspired by our favorite desserts and snack foods.

what's your story?

I (Dan) grew up with a love of baking and a sweet tooth as the son of a baker.  I shared my hobby of candy making with friends and family for years which grew to selling in farmers markets and then my own chocolate shop in 2021.  My husband, Art, is a graphic designer and brought my chocolate to life with his artwork on our packaging.


I live in Greentree and my retail shop is in Lawrenceville.

what product do our customers need to know about and why?

The Chocolate, Caramel, Corn bar is one of my favorites:  We combine our milk chocolate with caramel corn to bring a crunchy texture like no other.

In three words, Why do you love Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is home.

where can we find you?

You can find us at or @fatcatchocolates on Instagram as well as our physical shop on Butler Street.

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