Makers We Love:  Dan Roseum

Makers We Love: Dan Roseum

Dan Roseum makes the best local maple syrup around. You have to try Roseum Maple Syrup with your next breakfast. Bonus, it comes in the cutest glass bottles that you can repurpose.

tell us about your brand

Our pure maple syrup is hand crafted in small batches using generations of tradition to ensure the highest quality and best tasting trees-to-table product. It is 100% pure, all-natural, allergen and GMO free, with nothing added. We practice sustainable methods to ensure the health of our trees for future generations. 

our story

My family has been making pure maple syrup for generations.  Having moved from my family's farm in Ohio to Murrysville years ago, I decided to start sugaring here as a hobby to give my kids similar experiences and memories. 

I have the fondest memories with my family as a child tapping trees, collecting the sap, enjoying the warm sugary smells in the sugarhouse while it was being boiled, and of course taste testing it for my dad and getting special treats like a maple stir.

It's the perfect time of year to start enjoying the outdoors as the season transitions from winter to spring.  To me, syrup season is the first mark of spring and everything awakening from its winter slumber.  I love the cool crisp air, the smell of the forest and the evaporator, and the soft "ping" sound of sap dripping into a bucket.  And of course, pouring some syrup on a stack of pancakes and just about anything else.

Eventually our hobby grew into a small business and we are so honored to share our all-natural, trees-to-table, pure maple syrup with all of you!



what one product do our customers need to know about and why?

Our pure maple syrup in a boutique leaf shaped glass bottle.  It embodies our quality, attention to detail, and the all-natural purity of our product. 

in three words, why do you love Pittsburgh?

Nature. Culture. Community.

how can we learn more about your business?


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