Makers we love: Audra Azoury

Makers we love: Audra Azoury

Audra Azoury designs and makes her Pittsburgh inspired unisex jewelry and gifts.  Read about how Fallingwater sparked her inspiration, and learn about her family’s roots in Mount Washington.

Audra Azoury


Audra Azoury, Owner/Designer


I grew up in Green Tree, lived in Brookline for over 13 years and am now in Peters Township.

Interesting fact:

My paternal Grandparents had a store called Roy’s Dairy Mart on Republic Street in Mt. Washington! (My maternal Grandpa had a butcher shop in Millvale)

Tell us about your brand and why it’s the best

Audra Azoury Unisex Jewelry & Gifts

My designs are inspired by Pittsburgh’s rich history in the steel industry. Most of my designs are inspired by Pittsburgh’s bridges and landmarks.

Audra Azoury Peace Truss Earrings

What is your background and the story behind why you started Audra Azoury Jewelry?

I am a graphic designer by trade, but I also dabble in many other forms of art. My big idea came to me while showing some sculptures at Fallingwater. I had the idea of creating designs which were inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s beautiful house. I liked the idea of creating beautiful little souvenirs which didn’t just remind people of their trip there but actually made them feel as though they had taken a little piece of their experience home with them. From those designs blossomed the bridge designs. Again, I wanted to create souvenirs which really spoke of Pittsburgh, the town, (most Pittsburgh designs at that time were based on sports) and although Pittsburgh is the City of Champions (Go Pens!), we are a lot more than just that. I would drive around the city and admire the geometric patterns, shapes, and textures of our aging steel bridges and just think how amazing it was that they were designed and erected so long ago when things were much more difficult. I would think of the hard working steel workers and construction workers who built our town and it was a humbling thought. Pittsburgh is steel and bridges. Hardworking, down to Earth folks who love their friends and family and would do anything for their neighbors. We are artists and entrepreneurs, as well as winning sports teams and hospitals.

My next collection entitled Environment highlighted the balance of industry and nature which I find equally interesting and beautiful. From the unlikely inspiration of telephone poles and wind turbines to raindrops and what we call in the ‘burgh “jagger” bushes, this collection is a reflection of life in the 21st century.

I have just recently formed a partnership with Wendell August Forge and we are working on some new designs which I am really excited about, but can’t she quite yet! I promise to keep you posted.

In addition to running my business, I enjoy gardening, remodeling, making pottery, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding and trying new things!

Audra Azoury - Bridge Necklace

What one product do we need to know about and why?

My bridge necklace in the rusty patina is a favorite for both men and women. You don’t get any more Pittsburgh than with a rusty bridge! (Don’t worry, they are clear coated and will not rust on your skin)

My ornaments in the winter months I showcase my steel ornaments which are all inspired by Pittsburgh. I have a lot of new designs coming out this year, which I am really excited about!

In three words, Why do you love Pittsburgh?

Down to Earth.

How can people find out more about Audra Azoury?


Audra Azoury Jewelry on FB and Instagram

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