Maker We Love: Triple Moon Alchemy

Maker We Love: Triple Moon Alchemy

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Loukeisa Denise Edwards, Triple Moon Alchemy


Triple Moon Alchemy is all about celebrating nature and its abundance and continuing a legacy of healing. This apothecary is for the self-care junkies that like to treat themselves to special things. Each item in the apothecary will make you feel like you are lovingly taking care of yourself both inside and out.



Triple Moon Alchemy online herbal apothecary. Loukeisa Denise, the owner, is a trained herbalist and herbal gardener. She holds several certifications as an herbalist and also as a fertility specialist. She is a Maker and handcrafts 90% of the products that she sells. In the apothecary, there is an array of wellness items that support the body to maintain a healthy balance from within. TMA sells online, in a couple of local shops, and at local pop-up vending outlets throughout the year. Triple Moon Alchemy offers classes that help bring more awareness and understanding about the use of herbs, community, and wellness. The company's customer base comprises experienced herbal formula users as well as novices throughout the United States with the bulk of sales being local to Pittsburgh.

TMA is cultivating an ecosystem built on people that believe in the power of plants, coming together to share and ask for what they need, for the collective benefit and advancement of a healthy and whole community.



What one product do our customers need to know about and why?

Customers email me all of the time to tell me how the Good Night Tea helps them have restful nights without feeling drained or tired in the morning. It is a powerful nourishing blend perfect for those of us that have occasional restless sleep.

In three words, why do you love Pittsburgh?

I Live Here


Triple Moon Alchemy Herb Shop

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