Maker We Love: PackPack

Maker We Love: PackPack


Brooke LaGrand


Mount Washington - I just moved to Pittsburgh (whoop!)

Tell our customers why your brand is the best

PACKPACK empowers kids to explore wonder in the world. Our hip packs are creatively crafted in the USA with dignified labor + designed to last an entire rambunctious childhood.

What is your story?

PACKPACK is an extension of my life experiences: years living in South America & Spain, my pattern-making career in the NYC fashion industry & being a Mama of two kids. 

PACKPACK is my avenue to celebrate independence in youth so they will discover & express their unique voice. It’s also my opportunity to design & prototype the packs, paint the fabric prints & draw the branding artwork.

What product do we need to know about and why? 

PACKPACK, the signature hip pack.

Let the kids carry their things! PACKPACK is designed to last an entire rambunctious childhood. With an adjustable waist belt (up to 29”), it’s easy to strap on + stash treasures before getting outside to explore.

In three words, why do  you love Pittsburgh?

Topography, Rewilding, History

How can people find out more about you? 

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