Maker We Love: MetaMorph

Maker We Love: MetaMorph

This maker we love creates jewelry that inspires joy! Read more about Sarah Daigneault, and her brand MetaMorph below. You might even find out about an exclusive product that only love, Pittsburgh carries! *wink wink*


Sarah Daigneault, Owner/Designer & Craftswoman of MetaMorph


My heart will forever be in Regent Square (where I lived for 7 years) but I currently live in Dormont.

Tell us about your brand and why it’s the best

I love to design and create jewelry and accessories (and now bath & body products, too!) that inspire joy, knowledge and empowerment. Making beautiful things is only part of what drove me to create a small business. I strongly believe in creating high quality products that last and won't end up in a landfill because they broke or wore out after a year of wearing and aren't able to be repaired. I also try to reduce waste by creating minimal or reusable packaging, like my leather jewelry tags that are meant to be reused as key fobs. 

What is your background and the story behind why you started MetaMorph?

I'm actually a transplant from Maine, I moved to Pittsburgh about 9 years ago now. I'm what I would call a well rounded creative person, and have studied and worked in multiple different creative fields. As a kiddo, I excelled in sculpture, drawing and painting from a very young age, while I also struggled with dyslexia and had a learning difficulty in reading/writing and math. As I grew, so did the world of digital media, which I studied extensively through high school and my first year of college in video production. I started working in a restaurant owned and operated by some pretty far out artists when I was 14, and throughout my first year of college I continued to work in the restaurant industry. I actually switched majors into Culinary Arts, and went on to be a chef up until a little over two years ago. When I moved to Pittsburgh I started taking classes at Chatham University, where they allowed me to create a self designed major in Graphic Design & Food Studies. Where the hell does jewelry making play into all of this?? Haha! Jewelry making was a hobby and side hustle that I started around age 16. Combining all of my business & time management skills from being a chef, with my background in art and digital media, I was able to grow my tiny side hustle into a real business that I've worked full time at for over two years now. I'm constantly learning and evolving in both jewelry fabrication and business ownership, and I feel privileged and grateful to be working at my dream job.

What one product do we need to know about and why?

Cactus dangle earrings are exclusively made for Love, Pittsburgh! 


In three words, Why do you love Pittsburgh?

Parks. Rivers. Artists.

How can people find out more about MetaMorph? or @MetaMorphPGH

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