Maker We Love: Meshwork Press

Maker We Love: Meshwork Press


Kyrie Bushaw - co-owner, designer & communications manager, Haylee Ebersole - co-owner, education director, production manager.


Tell our customers why your brand is the best 

Meshwork Press believes in the power of art & community. Each card sold helps spread love & supports our year round youth art programming with the raddest youth in the city. 


What's your story?

We started Meshwork Press as two friends who wanted to be creative while staying grounded in our local communities. Haylee has a background in art and teaching and Kyrie has a background in design and business management so our studio really is a mashup of the things we love and the skills we've built. Our united vision for meshwork is that it's a place where people can meet, feel energized & feel connected to their neighbors. 



Kyrie lives in Spring Hill on the North Side and Haylee lives in Wilkinsburg.


What product do we NEED to know and why?

I've worked in (and loved!) the stationery business for almost a decade now so all the cards we make are the ones I was always looking for but could never find. My personal favorite is our "mama you're a hero" card because there were so many moments (in addition to mother's day) where I wanted to recognize the incredible work that a mother in my life was doing and also rewrite the narrative of mother's being sweet, kind, lovey. Moms are badasses! Also, it's a fabulous card for postpartum, of which there are almost NO CARDS in the "new baby" section. I really want to rewrite the whole story of childbirth and "new baby" to center the pregnant person on the recovery and care that is required after the baby has arrived. More cards to come, I'm sure. 


In three words, why do you love Pittsburgh?

Small town feel.


How can people find out more about you? 



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