Maker We Love: Kreepy Dolls

Maker We Love: Kreepy Dolls

Daniel Baxter of Kreepy Dolls has been with us since year one and encompasses many of our love, Pittsburgh pillars. He upcycles fabric, creates one-of-a-kind items, and is always exploring his endless creativity. Fun fact: Daniel painted our Mount Washington mural! 



Kreepy Doll Factory


Tell our customers why your brand is the best 

I never make the same thing twice. These one of a kind magical items are usually just in our imaginations, but at the Kreepy Doll Factory things come to life. The never before seen are real and can become yours. They even make great gifts. *wink wink*


What's your story?

The Kreepy Doll Factory started in the year 2000. The mission is to make people's faces turn into smiles involuntarily, and spread the happy feeling cute things give us.


I live north of Pittsburgh, right where about 5 districts all meet, so I feel like I just live north. I can hear the fireworks after Pirates games.


What product do we NEED to know and why?

The unique Kreepy dolls found at love, Pittsburgh typically have a Pittsburgh theme, and can be hard to find!


In three words, why do you love Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is chill


How can people find out more about you?

I'm not into social media, but the website helps people who need a kreepy doll.

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l want to know if you make dolls i have an ideal of one i like to have sell and it well

john w harris

Would love to know when any new kreepy dolls come in! Love them so much!

Jessica Nardelli

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