Maker We Love: jeganmones

Maker We Love: jeganmones

This Maker We Love works for love, Pittsburgh and loves everything spooky! Read more about our team member Megan and what she creates in her spare time. 


Megan Jones, Artist/Owner


Deutschtown, baby!

Tell us about your brand and why it’s the best

jeganmones is a high school nickname that I decided to brand myself with. My work has a spooky focus but consists of minimal line work. I can turn anything into lines. Pets, dads, bridges, whatever! After I draw, I find different products to put my art on. My best sellers are my art lighters and melted art on candles.

What is your background and the story behind why you started jeganmones?

I create minimal line art with the tip of my finger on my laptop's trackpad. If you gave me a pencil and asked me to draw, you would be very disappointed with the final product. I like that my continuous lines aren't always perfect but still can be seen as a work of art. I didn't start drawing until the beginning of 2019 and it led to my friends begging me to open up an online shop to sell my work. So one day I did and was born. Since then I've built my brand and honestly surprised myself with different brand collabs, art festivals, and online sales. 

What one product do we need to know about and why?

My Pittsburgh Day and Night design is on 3 different products in the store. It's the perfect minimal art to represent the city whether you just stopped by for a visit or have lived here your whole life. You can find it as a sticker, a mini print, and melted on a candle.

In three words, why do you love Pittsburgh?

Art, Antiques, & [cute] Dogs

How can people find out more about jeganmones?

I post everything I recently drew on my Instagram @jegan__mones.

Shop all my products on my website and some exclusive products on my Etsy 

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