Maker we love: Hanna Dausch

Maker we love: Hanna Dausch

Hanna is another newer maker that we are excited to have! Her wood work is stunning and decorative. Learn more about Hanna and what products she offers below.


Hanna Dausch


Highland Park

Tell us about your brand and why it’s the best

Furniture and objects not only decorate a home, but become part of a family. The work I make is handcrafted in Pittsburgh where I grew up and inspired by personal memories of family and home. Furniture plays a large role in our lives and tells a story of past generations. My work is made with love for the next home to cherish.

What is your background and the story behind why you started your brand?

My grandfather was a woodworker, my grandmother a painter, my mother a gardener, and my father a refinisher. Growing up I was surrounded by craftsmanship - precise lines, smooth curves, and distinct details shaped by skilled hands. It wasn't until I moved away from home that I came to realize how much these details brought comfort and warmth to my childhood memories. 


After completing my education at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I became a Historic Carpenter working on the preservation of homes built in the early 1900's. This soon led me to handcrafting furniture and design for the home. 


My woodworking is a conversation between the past, present, and future of craftsmanship strengthened by family and traditions. It is made to add warmth and intimacy to the home. 

What one product do we need to know about and why?

My vases are unique because they are hand turned on the lathe and then hand carved afterwards. My grandfather was a lathe turner and sadly passed away before I was born. So when I became interested in woodworking, I looked at his work and taught myself to use the lathe. He has inspired so much of my woodworking even though I've never met him.

In three words, Why do you love Pittsburgh?

Community, hardworking, friendly 

How can people find out more about you?

I have a website:

               an Instagram: @hannadausch

               a Facebook: @hannadausch

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