Maker We Love: Erel Fiber Art

Maker We Love: Erel Fiber Art


Erin Relac 

Tell our customers why your brand is the best!

Everything I make is my own design, I'm inspired by vintage macrame designs and try to add my own twist to it. I buy most of my cord from a company called Ganxxet. They produce a recycled cotton cord where they take remnants from the garment industry (that would usually end up in a landfill) and use it to make their cord. 

What's your story?

I have always been artsy and creative but as I've gotten older and started a family, it's been harder to find the time and space to create. I decided one day I wanted to give macrame a try. It seemed a lot less messy than painting and pottery and I didn't need a dedicated studio space. I bought the materials, watched some youtube tutorials, gave it a shot and haven't looked back. 


I live in Ross Township. I have been in this area my entire life and live about a mile from where I grew up. 

What product do we NEED to know about and why?

My plant hangers! They look pretty and give you an excuse to buy another plant😉

In three words, why do you love Pittsburgh? 

All the neighborhoods! I love all of the different neighborhoods around town and how each one has its own personality. 

How can people find out more about you?

You can find me on Instagram @erel.fiberart and on Etsy at

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