Maker we love: Daggerfish

Maker we love: Daggerfish

Looking to feel more confident outdoors? This maker is for you! Check out Adam and his brand Daggerfish.


Adam Nelson, Owner 


I live in East Liberty and work at a workshop in Wilkinsburg.

Tell us about your brand and why it’s the best

The Daggerfish Gear Co. I build tools and equipment to help people feel calm and confident in the outdoors. 

What is your background and the story behind why you started Daggerfish?

I'm the son of a National Park Ranger, and I grew up in the outdoors. I started making these ultra light hand reels for me and my friends, so it would be easier for us to go fish on deep wilderness backpacking trips. When people asked me to make more, I started The Daggerfish Gear Co. and over the last year I've gotten to share my work with people all across the country and around the world. My full bio is here: 

What one product do we need to know about and why?

The Original Daggerfish - designed for explorers, survivalists, and fishermen from beginner to advanced, the Daggerfish is a compact fishing rod complete with everything you need for deep wilderness fishing. Weighing under 5oz, these ultra light fishing rods are perfect for backpack fishing, kayak fishing, or survival fishing, and are TSA-compliant for carry-on baggage, making them the perfect travel fishing rod for your next adventure. 

In three words, Why do you love Pittsburgh?

Central to wilderness

How can people find out more about Daggerfish?


Instagram @daggerfishgear 

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