Maker We Love: Collarbone Jewelry

Maker We Love: Collarbone Jewelry


Catharine Luckett or Cat Luck, Owner/ Designer behind Collarbone Jewelry and Cat Luck Jewelry 


I started my business in 2010 with $5 and a bicycle and have evolved ever since. I drove around the country getting my jewelry into boutiques, doing arts shows and pop ups at boutiques all over the USA.  I made a lot of my jewlery on the road using pieces I would find along the way from my travels, utilizing what I had access to along the way. That is why there is a story in every piece. When you are wearing Collarbone Jewelry, you are wearing a story, a dream, something that came to be because the designer took risks and chances time and time again and when she fell down, she got back up. Collarbone Jewelry represents connection to higher self, taking risks, being resilient and following the path less traveled, fighting for your dreams and going through your deepest fears to get there. Cat hopes that when you wear your Collarbone Jewelry, it will inspire you to go after what you want in life, your dreams, and connect to your higher self and true potential. 



 I started my jewelry line in 2010, when I was going to a fashion design program in SLC, UT. I got a job part time at a bead store and learned to make jewelry. I started making things out of broken pieces of vintage jewelry with the new skills I learned at the bead store along with components from the bead store I got at a discount. People saw my jewelry and started requesting to buy some of their own. Then I started selling at local shops in SLC, UT. I didn't have a car at the time and so I would ride my bicycle around town with my jewelry case strapped to the back. I got into a few boutiques. Then I borrowed a vehicle and drove to Park City, UT and got my jewelry into shops there. I started doing pop ups during the Sundance Film Festival with boutiques at a resort and shop on main street. I thought if I could have so much success at a small resort town, that if I got a car and traveled around the other resort towns, I could make good money and get my jewelry out there. So I got an old red volvo wagon and drove around the west getting my jewelry into shops, and selling direct to people I met along the way, and doing pop ups at shops. Then my travels led me to LA and eventually Seattle. After living and selling my work in Seattle, I drove across the country to PA, in 2012 where I had family in central PA. I got a small studio at a gallery in Central PA and made that my east coast hub. I would make jewelry in my studio and then travel to NYC to do shows such at the Renegade Craft Show and the Hester Street Fair. I would travel to Philly and Pittsburgh and all the way up to Boston, over to Chicago and down to Atlanta, this time I had a different volvo after my first volvo got totaled by a black cow in Idaho in the middle of the night. I started getting my jewelry into a few shops and a museum in Pittsburgh. Then in 2015, I had the opportunity to move to Pittsburgh to work with a jeweler and learn new jewelry skills. I moved to Pittsburgh in 2015 and worked with the jeweler for about 7 months before deciding to go back out on my own. I started doing more pop ups in Pittsburgh and started getting into more shops and boutiques. In 2018, I subleased my  apartment in Pittsburgh and went to do a jewelry program in NYC where I would learn new skills to develop my jewelry line. In 2020, I moved my studio into the Brew House in the south side of Pittsburgh, PA behind the clock tower. The pandemic has greatly affected my ability to travel and do pop ups and shows, but has given me the chance to improve my website and social media.  2021 marks 11 years for Collarbone Jewelry and 6 years for CAT LUCK Jewelry. 


I live in Friendship in the East End and my studio is in the South Side. 


I really love the Hammered Diamond Studs with Turquoise Drop. They are one of my newest styles. I feel they are very different and unique and are a great earring to dress up or down a look. Plus, I really love the turquoise pop. Also, the posts are 14K GF, so they are good for sensitive ears. 


An Accessible City


You can learn more about Collarbone Jewelry and Cat Luck Jewelry by going to my website or by following along with my instagram @shopcollarbone ( )

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