Maker We Love: Claire Landuyt of Chez Lapin

Maker We Love: Claire Landuyt of Chez Lapin

We added a new candle maker to the mix. Check out their floral candles in shops today!



Claire Landuyt

What neighborhood do you live in?


Tell us about your brand and why it's the best.

Chez Lapin's mission is to inspire eco-conscious, cruelty-free, and natural living by handcrafting products that people feel good about having in their home and on their bodies. Our customers love how committed our company is to being eco-friendly and how we provide high-end products that are still economical and accessible.

What is your background and the story behind why you started?

My earliest interest and exploration in skincare came directly from my own experiences dealing with incredibly painful cystic acne in my late teens and early adulthood. I had seen a few dermatologists numerous times and the treatments never remedied the issue fully. The side effects always created other skincare issues. So when I was fresh out of college, without the money to try different skincare products, and still dealing with painful skin issues, I decided to completely overhaul how I was approaching things. I started thinking back to my brief time living in France, where natural beauty and simple skin care is valued, so I began crafting my own skincare products with natural ingredients. From crafting my own skincare and tinkering with raw materials came making candles and the rest is history!

What one product do we need to know about and why?

My absolute favorite products are our floral candle fragrances. Our floral fragrances embody my favorite seasons of year, Spring and Summer, and instantly transport me to a sunny garden somewhere wonderful, be it my garden here in Pittsburgh or the gardens of France. I can never get enough!

In three words, why do you love Pittsburgh?

Old Architecture, Character

How can people find out more about you?

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