Maker we love: Bebe Blu Designs

Maker we love: Bebe Blu Designs

You'll love this maker's products just as much as you'll love her! Meet Debbie from bebe blu designs and learn about her flour sack towels.


 Bebe Blu Designs, LLC -- Debbie Barbarita


My family and I reside in Upper St. Clair

Tell us about your brand and why it’s the best

My flour sack towels are 100% premium cotton, 130 thread count & hemmed on all sides, pre-washed with a corner loop, highly absorbent and lint-free. Most importantly, they are direct to garment printed. The water-based inks bleed into the fabric, which leaves the printed area feeling softer 

What is your background and the story behind why you started Bebe Blu Designs?

In January 2016, my younger sister sadly passed away. She was always considered 'the artist' in our family. After her death, I decided to start drawing again, something I had not done in years, as a way to keep her memory alive. My business quickly evolved from design work to art and illustrations. My name for this entity of my business, Bebe Blu Designs, evolved organically when my grandson, Michael, was trying to learn how to talk. He tried to say Debbie, but it came out as Bebe instead. I became known to him and his friends as Bebe, which in turn seemed a fitting name for my business.

What one product do we need to know about and why?

I designed an abstract image of Pittsburgh, The Point, and was encouraged by a friend to include this image on a flour sack towel. It has been a favorite for anyone who has a 'tie' to Pittsburgh. Not only is it a great stand-alone gift, but a unique way to wrap a bottle of wine, candle, or any small item, making it two gifts in one.

In three words, Why do you love Pittsburgh?

It is Home!

How can people find out more about Bebe Blu Designs?

My products and my artwork can be found on my website: Your choice of artwork on most paper products. You can learn more about me and new products on my instagram page: bebebludesigns and Facebook page: @bebebludesigns

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