Local Murals to Visit

Local Murals to Visit

With the weather being warmer and everyone having just a teeny bit of cabin fever, we compiled a list of some of our favorite art murals around the city for you to get out and see.

This vibrant garden themed mural was painted by Ashley Hodder. She chose poppies because they have a contrasting center and would give the mural a sensation of movement. The warm colors mixed with bees and birds make you feel like you’re sitting in a garden. We are lucky and get to see this mural quite often because it’s located just a block away from out Mount Washington shop!  Visit Ashley’s mural at the intersection of Shiloh St. and Virginia Ave. then come visit us!


MLK Mural, a Pittsburgh-based group of people who bring communities together through mural painting, worked with Carnegie Mellon students from OM, a campus organization for Indian spirituality and culture, to create this Gandhi themed mural. Artist Adelaide Cole used color symbolically, the orange fading into blue symbolizes the unity of people. She described orange as representative of the universal skin color, while blue is a symbol of peace. You can see this mural at 2201 Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill.


One of Pittsburgh’s newest murals is the Black Lives Matter Mural downtown. This mural was first painted by guerrilla artists then added to by local Black artists like Camrin "Camo" Nesbit, Juliandra Jones, and Destenee Guy. Camo wanted to make the mural intentional by getting Black artists involved and making it bigger than just a piece of graffiti or public art. He believes this mural stands for the actual stance for equality among black individuals, and the step toward solidarity that we all want. This mural is located on the Allegheny River wharf.  

Who doesn’t love a Pizza/Edvard Munch themed art? This mural is a take on the popular painting The Scream but located on the side of a pizza shop. The geometric shapes and colors make this mural a must see. The artist is Colby from Box 13. You can see the mural and grab some pizza at Fat Angelo’s on East Carson St.


Mac Miller is a Pittsburgher that everyone knows and loves so it’s only fitting that there’s a mural to memorialize him in the city. The mural of Mac popped up on the corner of East Ohio St and James St after the rapper passed away in September 2018. Artist Jeremey Raymer was inspired by the posthumous album “Circles.” If you’re a Mac Miller fan, this mural is a must see!


This funky mural is a contrast between vintage fonts and colors with futuristic cars and buildings to give the feel of a retro city of the future. Artist Brian Holdermann created the 2,720 square mural on the side of the Smithfield and Liberty Avenue Garage. This is near our Downtown location so stop by and say hi!


Spirit is a multipurpose event hall that lends its outdoor walls to local artists. This mural was created by local artists Wavy Wednesday and CaMo Customz. Both artists use their art to highlight the issues and struggles that Black people face in their daily lives. Check this mural out at 242 51st Street.


This is the Jazz House and the fourth City of Asylum house publication. It was created by artists Oliver Lake and Than Htay Maung. Oliver is a jazz saxophonist and created a series of paintings for muralist Than Htay to use for inspiration on the house. You can see Olivers paintings inside the house. When you ring the doorbell, 30 seconds of jazz music plays. Visit the Jazz House at 320 Sampsonia Way.


The Color Park has a beautiful view of the city and the art is everchanging. Local artists have turned this area into a mini spray paint park along the river. Use this space to meditate, have a picnic with friends, or just to enjoy the views of Pittsburgh. It’s located along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail at 1 S 6th Street.


Last but not least, we have our very own love, Pittsburgh Mural! We had Kreepy Doll Artist Daniel Baxter create a one of a kind mural for behind our Mount Washington shop. Every time you look at it, you’ll find a new cute creature to look at. We’d love to see pictures with our mural, be sure to tag us on Instagram!

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