Local Artists with the Most City Spirit

Local Artists with the Most City Spirit

As self proclaimed "Champions of Local," we can spot those like-minded souls who are full of spirit for our city.  So many of our artists fit this bill, but those with the most stand out from the crowd. Here is our take on several local artists truly in love with our city.


John of Steel City Salts

Whether you catch him in the Strip on a weekend, at his own shop in Millvale, or dropping off a delivery in one of our shops, John is always a breath of fresh Pittsburgh cheer. His enthusiasm is as contagious as his delicious and super popular salt blends.


Lindsay of Luluz Designs

We love Lindsay's yinzer humor. Her vast collection of only-in-Pittsburgh graphics brings chuckles of delight to our customers. The new designs we have arriving from her are so, so good, and so, so Pittsburgh. When should we begin calling her Yinzay?


Jessica of Mexitalia Specialties

Did you know Jessica created AND performs a rap about her locally-made salsas? Her passion for Pittsburgh goes beyond her delcious salsas. Hopefully you have the chance to experience the joy Jessica brings in person.


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