Leona's Ice Cream Sandwich Delivery

Leona's Ice Cream Sandwich Delivery

Pittsburghers know, when it comes to Leona's, any type of weather is ice cream weather!

With our stores temporarily closed, we know that some of you have been missing your favorite frozen treats.  We have more ice cream than we can eat (impossible, but you get the point), and have created a plan to deliver it to you!

Keep reading for instructions on ordering and answers to common questions.

Ice Cream Delivery Area

We are delivering the goods right to your door, just like the neighborhood ice cream truck, but better.  

Right now, we are only delivering to the Mount Washington neighborhood.  Since these precious goods can MELT we are keeping our radius small and focused on our loyal customers of the Mount.

Ice Cream Ordering

All ice cream sandwiches will become available on our website on April 22 at noon.  You will be able to see all of the ice cream sandwiches and start ordering here:


Delivery Schedule

Once your order is received, we will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule a delivery date and time in the next 1 - 3 days.  We will be planning our route to be efficient like a UPS driver who makes no left turns.  We'll keep everything packed in our sanitized cooler filled with freezer packs until it arrives at your door.

Contactless Delivery

For your safety and ours, we are asking that all customers receive their ice cream with contactless delivery where we leave your order on your doorstep.  Upon delivery, we will send you a text that your order has been delivered. 

By placing your delivery order you agree to be ready to get your ice cream during your delivery time.  We are not liable for anything that melts on your doorstep, that's like committing ice-cream-murder!

Delivery Fee

We are collecting a $5 delivery fee per order.  This fee will be donated to Protohaven, who are making and donating PPE face shields to hospital workers.  You must choose LEONA'S DELIVERY ONLY as your shipping method at checkout.

Answers to common questions

Can I order other items at the same time?

Yes.  When placing your order for ice cream, if you want to add other items from our online store to your order we are happy to deliver them at the same time, included in the delivery fee.  

Can I pick up my order at your store?

No.  Our stores are temporarily closed to the public and we are not allowing pick-ups. 

Will you do this again, and will you serve my neighborhood next time?

Maybe.  This first round is going to be a learning experience for us.  

What flavors are there to choose from?

These are our current flavors, first come first serve:

  • Banana Bourbon Caramel on Oatmeal Lace
  • Banana on Oatmeal Lace
  • Birthday Cake on Chocolate Chunk
  • Black Sesame Tahini on Chocolate Chunk
  • Brownie Sundae on Chocolate Chunk
  • Cherry Almond Crunch on Almond Cookie
  • Cherry on Speculoos
  • Chocolate Banana on Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Marshmallow on Graham
  • Chocolate Mint on Chocolate Chunk
  • Chocolate on Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Whiskey on Double Chocolate Chunk
  • Concord Grape on Peanut Butter
  • Cookies and Cream on Chocolate Wafer
  • Heath on Salted Heath
  • Hot Honey on Ricotta Cookie
  • Key Lime on Graham
  • Lavender on Sugar Cookie
  • Malt Honeycomb on Double Chocolate Chunk
  • Sweet Cream on Carrot Cake
  • Tangerine Blackberry Ripple on Bergamot Shortbread
  • Vanilla Cherry Chocolate on Chocolate Chunk
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Heard about your ice cream on tv and can’t wait for the opportunity to try your product. I live in Wilkins township between Monroeville & Churchill but is there an alternative to ordering until you come to my area, I am really anxious to become a customer 🙂

Gail Brentley

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